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Shaping Her

Shaping and empowering every woman to be the healthiest sexiest her.

Overwhelmed/Overworked College Student, TX

“I am a twenty year old, full time student, I work two jobs, and I have very little time for myself. fast food and bad eating habits were the story of my life. It was quick and easy and along the way. I justified my eating with “i’m too busy to cook and I don’t really know what is right in wrong” this was just feeding the bad habits. When I came to Jasmine i basically said i have no idea what to do, Help! She asked me a series of questions about my life to get a better understanding of it. from there she made me a plan that worked so well with the little time I have to spend on preparing food and working out. Jasmine gave me weekly plans for eating and working out. she changed up things over the weeks keeping thing exciting so I wouldn’t get bored. Jasmine was so encouraging and very attentive to my questions and my success through the program. Over the course of a month I lost 12 pounds and 2 inches around my waist, 1 1/2 around my hips and thighs. This experience was so worth it. I now have the information to continue on a healthy life, all thanks to Jasmines great advice and commitment to my goal.”

From and MD Army mom of 2:

“I came to Jasmine wanting to get into shape and be “fit”. After two babies I’m ready to tone up, I want to be able to run and play with my kids as they get older. Jasmine has made the whole process as easy as I think it can be.
She gave me an eating plan where I don’t have to be counting calories or wasting time I don’t have figuring out amounts and portions. The workout plan she made for me works perfectly with having two small children and not much time. She has made exercise out of things I do with my children and anything that can’t be done with them is put into a very managable chunk of time and her follow up with me has been great.
I haven’t been on her plan long enough to see many results, but already I am more aware of when I’m eating and now eating and my activity level has gone up.
I’m thankful for her expertise and guidance. The rest is really up to me now.”

Military Mama,  SD

“This is an AMAZING program that can help you lose weight and even GAIN weight if that’s your need (that was mine). It’s personal, one on one time figuring out your specific needs. Making meal plans, grocery lists, and workout plans that will last and last. I’m so excited to keep working out and getting my body in shape so when my hubby comes home from S.Korea he will be shocked and blown away by my new confidence and hot body!”

“I just want to thank you for that boost of confidence. I would not have been able to do it without your help or constant pushing of my abilities.”
Student, SD


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