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Shaping Her

Shaping and empowering every woman to be the healthiest sexiest her.

I thought I would share the “light” core workout that my coach had me do today. I am on a mandatory week rest after coming up lame during my race this past Saturday. I finished but it was not my most glorious time! Rest is never an easy thing for me to do but hey, sometimes it just has to happen. But just because I am resting does not mean you need to rest! Haha. Make me proud peeps.

Here is the workout:

1 min low center plank hold then right into 1 min of crunches. No rest go back and forth from one to the next and keep repeating until you do 5 of each.

1 min high center plank hold then right into 1 min of superman. No rest go back and forth from one to the next and keep repeating until you do 5 of each.

Stretch out!


Do you need a coach?


Well peeps. It’s here. The day that I say ta-ta for now. I have 1 week before I am on an airplane to AZ to compete in the National Duathlon Championships and it is time to focus.

Choose some tabatas to do this week,you have a grasp of it now. Discipline yourself to do one every day. Let me know how it goes! Remember. Save your treat for your treat day and keep things cleaned up in the meantime!

Keep me in your thoughts!


Do you ever get hung up on one food? I do. There is one thing that I crave and I gotta have it! Haha. Usually when I am tired of it though I am done with it and it may or may not roll around again. What about you? What is it? Is it healthy or do you always crave junk food?

Remember that there is the steak challenge this week. Do it and post up!

Standing pike crunches are tomorrow’s order. Throw yourself in to it! Really get those legs up and get a good cadence going.

5 min warm up

20 seconds PIKE! 10 seconds rest


Cool down stretch


We’re coming around the bend this week. How do you feel?

A good tip for when you are feeling the munchies while you are sitting at your desk… sometimes I know that we just get bored and need something to taste. Tea! Make it hot and drink it slowly, make sure you get different flavors and change it up. It helps “fill” you when it is really just boredom or the desire for flavor you are filling plus it gets more liquids in to you!

And just because we love them so much let’s do a variation of push ups! Hooray! Oh come on now, I am sure I heard you cheer. These are great! They work your tris and your core like mad let alone your back…

You know the drill by now right?

5 min warm up – Try going for a jog today or if you can’t get outside (that happens with kids or with weather) just jog in place, get your arms involved! Go ahead, look like a dork.

Here’s your plank push ups:

Really get down there. Do them on your knees if you have to but keep good form and make sure those elbows are going back not out to the side.

20 seconds go – 10 seconds rest


Cool down stretch – Make sure and stretch out those arms!


How did today’s workout go? Still crummy here so mine went indoors. I get all antsy this time of year and get grouchy when I can’t get outdoors.

How is eating so far this week? I would like you try an experiment this week. One day this week I would like you to fast. Now this fast has some “rules”. Drink water. No other beverage. Do not eat anything until super time. You then may have an apple and a steak. Seriously. Go ahead and season it and everything. This is a bit of a jump start for your body and will help kick start some weight loss if that is what you are aiming for. But before you get all excited do not do this if #1. You don’t have weight to lose. #2. Are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Let me know what your results are and how you felt!

Tomorrow’s tabata is switch kicks:

5 min warm up – Do not skip your warm ups!

20 seconds push – 10 seconds rest


Cool down stretch
JasmineDo you need a coach to get you ready for summer?

My knee hurts, it was actually snowing here today and it was a long day. I don’t have much to say but I hope that you really hit your tabatas hard today!

What was the damage for Easter? If you are a candy addict and have it laying around the house right now throw it out!

5 min warm up

20 seconds side ab hold – 10 seconds rest – do one side for 20 seconds and then the next time do the other side.


That’s all I have to say for the day, it’s a true Monday. Anyone else wanna chime in?


Happy Easter all! I hope you all have a great day filled with family, memories, food and fun.

Memory is an important thing. Creating memories and taking time to remember. Easter to me is much like a memorial day. I like to remember to be mindful today. I want to live mindfully and that takes practice.

Tomorrow starts another round of tabatas and this week I really want you to be intentional about things. Be mindful about what is going in to your mouth (and what is coming out!). Be mindful of how you look at, treat and think of your body. Be mindful and present during your actions and even during your exercise.

5 min warm up to whatever is your pump you up go-to Monday song.

20 seconds gang buster – 10 seconds rest of…..

Stance jacks (Thank you Insanity) – I absolutely love these!

Start your Monday off right.

Do a cool down stretch.
Be mindful.