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… but have you heard of Iron Dads?

This past weekend I went to a really great race. The night before the race was all about the kids. There was a kid’s duathlon for children 7 – 16 and then there was a run for the “seedlings” 3 – 6. Talk about fun! I signed my little guy up for seedlings race and then watched a crazy transformation. My little dude who was whining about wanting to go swimming he suddenly transformed in to a little athlete! He started stretching and jumping around to “warm up” he even got a nervous and a little snipish! Watching him was kind of like looking it to a mini me mirror.

It was so great watching my son in his first competition. What fun!

We stuck around to watch the other young kids compete in the duathlon. What a treat! It was such a blast to cheer those kids on. When the first wave of kids started there was also a wave of dads shouting out instructions and telling their kids to push harder. I had to chuckle. They are the “Iron Dads” the twinkie to the dreaded soccer mom.

We stayed by the transition area until all the kids had come through. A couple asked us if we were waiting for one of the kids or who of our crew was racing. Our answer? No one. We were there to cheer on each and every one of those little kids so that they would carry with them an awesome memory of people encouraging them no matter where they were in the pack
There was one especially awesome moment where the last two little girls were coming out of a transition, they weren’t friends before the race but they had teamed up during it, the one little girl was jogging with the other encouraging her the whole way. Another great moment was watching two slightly older boys race towards the finish line, giving it all that they had. It was great to see these kids participating.

There were a couple of things that I took away from that kids night. First I am so glad that my son gets to see me being active and competing and enjoying activities of all kinds. I am glad that he gets to see me handle the stress and how he gets to be a part of training and travel. Also, it was a reminder that every child will develop a love for activity if they see their parents doing things and if they are encouraged to participate BUT it might not be a love for the same thing that the parent is in to! Just because I love duathlon doesn’t mean that my son needs to be a duathlete. Maybe he will play baseball or maybe he’ll just want to stay active at home and not even play sports! My job is to provide the opportunity and the inspiration for my child and then to stand back in awe as he goes to places I never could have imagined.

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I don’t think that you should ever just take someone’s word for something. Really. I believe I am teachable. I always listen to people, especially the people that I see are doing things right or have something that I would like to have. I just don’t think you should swallow everything hook line and sinker without doing your own research or really delving in to the other person’s life to see if it really works for them or if you are getting a smoke screen of some kind. Then you have the job of being able to separate what you like or what you want from the things that you want to discard. Just like I was talking about yesterday. I am taking things from CrossFit, I am taking things from Paleo, I read Gary Taubes and took a little bit of that, I have read Nourishing Traditions, which you definitely should check out by the way, and took things from that as well as Susun Weed. I listen to my mom as she was a competitive body builder. I learn from the guys in my local bike club who have traveled the world cycling. I listen to my coach. But I don’t take everything and I make things work for me. To be able to do that though I have had to learn about my own body. I have had to face my own limitations and I have had to set goals for myself. I had to understand where I was at and where I was going. I also have had to experiment a whole bunch because you really don’t know if something works for you unless you try it! I should mention that I haven’t tried some of the things I was interested in but made a case study of other people, that works too!

OK. Enough of that. Here’s tomorrow’s tabata.

5 min warm up.

20 seconds on

10 seconds rest

5 min cool down and stretch.

Today’s tabata is… THESE COOL THINGS!

Switch which side you are doing them on, first 20 seconds with the left leg, second 20 seconds on the right leg etc.



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I thought I would share the “light” core workout that my coach had me do today. I am on a mandatory week rest after coming up lame during my race this past Saturday. I finished but it was not my most glorious time! Rest is never an easy thing for me to do but hey, sometimes it just has to happen. But just because I am resting does not mean you need to rest! Haha. Make me proud peeps.

Here is the workout:

1 min low center plank hold then right into 1 min of crunches. No rest go back and forth from one to the next and keep repeating until you do 5 of each.

1 min high center plank hold then right into 1 min of superman. No rest go back and forth from one to the next and keep repeating until you do 5 of each.

Stretch out!


Do you need a coach?

Well peeps. It’s here. The day that I say ta-ta for now. I have 1 week before I am on an airplane to AZ to compete in the National Duathlon Championships and it is time to focus.

Choose some tabatas to do this week,you have a grasp of it now. Discipline yourself to do one every day. Let me know how it goes! Remember. Save your treat for your treat day and keep things cleaned up in the meantime!

Keep me in your thoughts!


Happy Easter all! I hope you all have a great day filled with family, memories, food and fun.

Memory is an important thing. Creating memories and taking time to remember. Easter to me is much like a memorial day. I like to remember to be mindful today. I want to live mindfully and that takes practice.

Tomorrow starts another round of tabatas and this week I really want you to be intentional about things. Be mindful about what is going in to your mouth (and what is coming out!). Be mindful of how you look at, treat and think of your body. Be mindful and present during your actions and even during your exercise.

5 min warm up to whatever is your pump you up go-to Monday song.

20 seconds gang buster – 10 seconds rest of…..

Stance jacks (Thank you Insanity) – I absolutely love these!

Start your Monday off right.

Do a cool down stretch.
Be mindful.



Take the day off!

Take time today to reevaluate your week. How did you feel? How were your workouts? Did you take the time to do them?

Next week we’ll keep up with tabatas and we’ll talk about food a bit and start throwing some recipes in the mix.

Make sure you check out the Facebook page as well and join in the conversation.

Happy resting!


I was inspired today by this post. It was a great reminder of what women are and what we are aiming for when we talk about being healthy and getting fit. I’m not talking about six pack abs or about seeing your ribs. I am talking about being healthy, being active, staying “young” in the way that you can get out and participate in life with your kids, grand kids and beyond! I am talking about teaching younger generations how to eat so that they maintain healthy strong bodies. I mean setting an example for our society and thriving in the skin you are in. I want you to read this article today before doing your tabata and then I want you to throw on a song to swing your hips to for warm up and I want you to do your short burst of exercise with renewed enthusiasm knowing that you are doing it to have a good healthy appetite, enjoy a better sex life, set an example for your kids or friends or family etc. and to have more energy for the things that you love.

5 min dance warm up. Why dance you may ask. It’s because of your hips! I want you to loosen those joints up and get those hips swaying! Mobilization!

20 seconds high kicks:

10 seconds rest.

Cool down stretch.

Feel free to share on here with others what you like to do to warm up and cool down!