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… but have you heard of Iron Dads?

This past weekend I went to a really great race. The night before the race was all about the kids. There was a kid’s duathlon for children 7 – 16 and then there was a run for the “seedlings” 3 – 6. Talk about fun! I signed my little guy up for seedlings race and then watched a crazy transformation. My little dude who was whining about wanting to go swimming he suddenly transformed in to a little athlete! He started stretching and jumping around to “warm up” he even got a nervous and a little snipish! Watching him was kind of like looking it to a mini me mirror.

It was so great watching my son in his first competition. What fun!

We stuck around to watch the other young kids compete in the duathlon. What a treat! It was such a blast to cheer those kids on. When the first wave of kids started there was also a wave of dads shouting out instructions and telling their kids to push harder. I had to chuckle. They are the “Iron Dads” the twinkie to the dreaded soccer mom.

We stayed by the transition area until all the kids had come through. A couple asked us if we were waiting for one of the kids or who of our crew was racing. Our answer? No one. We were there to cheer on each and every one of those little kids so that they would carry with them an awesome memory of people encouraging them no matter where they were in the pack
There was one especially awesome moment where the last two little girls were coming out of a transition, they weren’t friends before the race but they had teamed up during it, the one little girl was jogging with the other encouraging her the whole way. Another great moment was watching two slightly older boys race towards the finish line, giving it all that they had. It was great to see these kids participating.

There were a couple of things that I took away from that kids night. First I am so glad that my son gets to see me being active and competing and enjoying activities of all kinds. I am glad that he gets to see me handle the stress and how he gets to be a part of training and travel. Also, it was a reminder that every child will develop a love for activity if they see their parents doing things and if they are encouraged to participate BUT it might not be a love for the same thing that the parent is in to! Just because I love duathlon doesn’t mean that my son needs to be a duathlete. Maybe he will play baseball or maybe he’ll just want to stay active at home and not even play sports! My job is to provide the opportunity and the inspiration for my child and then to stand back in awe as he goes to places I never could have imagined.

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So I am going to take a little different tack today and talk about post partum exercise. Now of course this might not be the stage that many of you are in but you can still take away some valuable information because post partum care is just another phase of taking care of a woman’s body and many women could use a little help in the areas that we are going to discuss.

After being pregnant it is usually necessary to strengthen and bring the ab muscles back together. Also there is usually a need for strengthening the pelvic floor. Getting your balance back can be tricky and it is always nice to tone up a bit, drop a few of the extra baby lbs and start feeling energized.

First off I would like to recommend that you get Julie Tupler’s book “Lose Your Mummy Tummy“. This is really good stuff. You can start this very soon after having your baby and it will help bring your abs back together. Many of the “exercises” can be done while you are sitting and that is a good thing for a new mom!

Next I would like you to take a look at Aligned and Well. There are some great way to strengthen your ham strings and calves as well as improve your balance and even tips on how to walk so that you are being good to your knees and hips. You can order a DVD but there is also a blog with lots of information and you can also sign up for a newsletter.

A great exercise to help with your back and a gentle core exercise is the cat stretch: Perform these in a tabata style workout meaning that you begin the exercise and continue for 20 seconds, rest for a full 10 seconds and then begin again. Start with 4 repetitions and work your way up to 8.

It is important to strengthen your pelvic floor as well and there is no better way to do that than with squats and lunges! That and who doesn’t want a toned tush? And let’s face it, it goes a little mushy trying to be the counterbalance to your baby belly.
Squats and lunges can be performed while wearing your baby. If you have more than one child then get creative and do them outside while you are watching your other children play.

Before you do your squats and lunges walk a bit to warm up your legs and then do 20 seconds worth of the exercise, making sure that you have good form, and then rest for 10. Start with 4 repetitions and work your way up to 8.

Squats with baby:


Lunges with baby:
Start slowly with these few exercises. Remember to get out and walk. Go for a walk around the block or to a park, walk to the store if you are able, walk as much as possible and don’t forget to carry your little built in weight! Weather you hold your munchkin or carry them in a backpack, front pack or sling you have the perfect amount of extra weight to make things challenging.

It won’t be long and you will start to see your body respond to the exercise and you’ll be moving on to something more challenging.


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I don’t think that you should ever just take someone’s word for something. Really. I believe I am teachable. I always listen to people, especially the people that I see are doing things right or have something that I would like to have. I just don’t think you should swallow everything hook line and sinker without doing your own research or really delving in to the other person’s life to see if it really works for them or if you are getting a smoke screen of some kind. Then you have the job of being able to separate what you like or what you want from the things that you want to discard. Just like I was talking about yesterday. I am taking things from CrossFit, I am taking things from Paleo, I read Gary Taubes and took a little bit of that, I have read Nourishing Traditions, which you definitely should check out by the way, and took things from that as well as Susun Weed. I listen to my mom as she was a competitive body builder. I learn from the guys in my local bike club who have traveled the world cycling. I listen to my coach. But I don’t take everything and I make things work for me. To be able to do that though I have had to learn about my own body. I have had to face my own limitations and I have had to set goals for myself. I had to understand where I was at and where I was going. I also have had to experiment a whole bunch because you really don’t know if something works for you unless you try it! I should mention that I haven’t tried some of the things I was interested in but made a case study of other people, that works too!

OK. Enough of that. Here’s tomorrow’s tabata.

5 min warm up.

20 seconds on

10 seconds rest

5 min cool down and stretch.

Today’s tabata is… THESE COOL THINGS!

Switch which side you are doing them on, first 20 seconds with the left leg, second 20 seconds on the right leg etc.



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There are a few things I really like and glean a lot of stuff from right now but don’t really hold to completely. Make sense? I mean I like a lot of their principles and a lot of their reasoning and sound and there are entire chunks of their principles and reasoning that make no sense or I am completely not interested in. Two of those things are CrossFit and and Paleo. It is great that both are so popular right now because I can find all kinds of great recipes that are low carb (Paleo) and great exercises that are short and intense (CrossFit). I take these things and give them a good solid tweak and they work out great!

I wanted to share a great website I stumbled across last night while looking for some good recipes. The great thing is that there are so many kid friendly recipes on her site! Take a look…. HERE

And here is a tabata for tomorrow:

5 min warm up. Get that blood pumpin’!

20 seconds Plank. Straight up. Start with a high plank and then do a low plank the next 20 seconds.

10 seconds rest. Child’s pose is a good way to stretch out those arms!

5 min cool down/stretch



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I get to go on a walk today! I am so excited! Sad isn’t it? Seriously… going from training 14 hours a week to getting to go for a 20 min rehab walk. Oh well.

So what are you going to do to move today?

I am thinking that you should do sprints. Yup.

5 min warm up

20 seconds runnnnnniinnnnggg

10 seconds rest.

5 min cool down jog and then stretch out a bit



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Things happen. You know how I told you that I am on a mandatory one week rest? Well yeah, that is just going swell right now, I have 4 days left and I had to practice not freaking out today. I find myself reviewing every step of my race this past weekend and remembering every limp. It actually hurts worse thinking about it then it did actually doing it. I didn’t meet my goal. That is the worst part about the whole thing. OK. So I didn’t meet my time goal and I didn’t podium like I was aiming for but I did finish and I did qualify to go to France as part of Team USA for the World Championships. It’s just that I didn’t meet my own expectations, not even that I didn’t it was that I couldn’t.

There are times when that happens. In all areas of our lives. It is never a good time. It’s never convenient and it never feels good.

When life shoots you in the foot… limp it through and then all you can do is rest.

Not you. Figuratively. Seriously. You don’t need to rest. Get off your butt and do the tabatas I can’t do!

5 min warm up. I don’t care what you do just get that blood pumping!

20 seconds busting your tail! Power jacks –

10 seconds rest


I am taking on 3 more clients this month and next month is open, let me know if you are interested.

Do you ever get hung up on one food? I do. There is one thing that I crave and I gotta have it! Haha. Usually when I am tired of it though I am done with it and it may or may not roll around again. What about you? What is it? Is it healthy or do you always crave junk food?

Remember that there is the steak challenge this week. Do it and post up!

Standing pike crunches are tomorrow’s order. Throw yourself in to it! Really get those legs up and get a good cadence going.

5 min warm up

20 seconds PIKE! 10 seconds rest


Cool down stretch