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… but have you heard of Iron Dads?

This past weekend I went to a really great race. The night before the race was all about the kids. There was a kid’s duathlon for children 7 – 16 and then there was a run for the “seedlings” 3 – 6. Talk about fun! I signed my little guy up for seedlings race and then watched a crazy transformation. My little dude who was whining about wanting to go swimming he suddenly transformed in to a little athlete! He started stretching and jumping around to “warm up” he even got a nervous and a little snipish! Watching him was kind of like looking it to a mini me mirror.

It was so great watching my son in his first competition. What fun!

We stuck around to watch the other young kids compete in the duathlon. What a treat! It was such a blast to cheer those kids on. When the first wave of kids started there was also a wave of dads shouting out instructions and telling their kids to push harder. I had to chuckle. They are the “Iron Dads” the twinkie to the dreaded soccer mom.

We stayed by the transition area until all the kids had come through. A couple asked us if we were waiting for one of the kids or who of our crew was racing. Our answer? No one. We were there to cheer on each and every one of those little kids so that they would carry with them an awesome memory of people encouraging them no matter where they were in the pack
There was one especially awesome moment where the last two little girls were coming out of a transition, they weren’t friends before the race but they had teamed up during it, the one little girl was jogging with the other encouraging her the whole way. Another great moment was watching two slightly older boys race towards the finish line, giving it all that they had. It was great to see these kids participating.

There were a couple of things that I took away from that kids night. First I am so glad that my son gets to see me being active and competing and enjoying activities of all kinds. I am glad that he gets to see me handle the stress and how he gets to be a part of training and travel. Also, it was a reminder that every child will develop a love for activity if they see their parents doing things and if they are encouraged to participate BUT it might not be a love for the same thing that the parent is in to! Just because I love duathlon doesn’t mean that my son needs to be a duathlete. Maybe he will play baseball or maybe he’ll just want to stay active at home and not even play sports! My job is to provide the opportunity and the inspiration for my child and then to stand back in awe as he goes to places I never could have imagined.

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