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Shaping Her

Shaping and empowering every woman to be the healthiest sexiest her.

There are a few things I really like and glean a lot of stuff from right now but don’t really hold to completely. Make sense? I mean I like a lot of their principles and a lot of their reasoning and sound and there are entire chunks of their principles and reasoning that make no sense or I am completely not interested in. Two of those things are CrossFit and and Paleo. It is great that both are so popular right now because I can find all kinds of great recipes that are low carb (Paleo) and great exercises that are short and intense (CrossFit). I take these things and give them a good solid tweak and they work out great!

I wanted to share a great website I stumbled across last night while looking for some good recipes. The great thing is that there are so many kid friendly recipes on her site! Take a look…. HERE

And here is a tabata for tomorrow:

5 min warm up. Get that blood pumpin’!

20 seconds Plank. Straight up. Start with a high plank and then do a low plank the next 20 seconds.

10 seconds rest. Child’s pose is a good way to stretch out those arms!

5 min cool down/stretch



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