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Shaping Her

Shaping and empowering every woman to be the healthiest sexiest her.

Things happen. You know how I told you that I am on a mandatory one week rest? Well yeah, that is just going swell right now, I have 4 days left and I had to practice not freaking out today. I find myself reviewing every step of my race this past weekend and remembering every limp. It actually hurts worse thinking about it then it did actually doing it. I didn’t meet my goal. That is the worst part about the whole thing. OK. So I didn’t meet my time goal and I didn’t podium like I was aiming for but I did finish and I did qualify to go to France as part of Team USA for the World Championships. It’s just that I didn’t meet my own expectations, not even that I didn’t it was that I couldn’t.

There are times when that happens. In all areas of our lives. It is never a good time. It’s never convenient and it never feels good.

When life shoots you in the foot… limp it through and then all you can do is rest.

Not you. Figuratively. Seriously. You don’t need to rest. Get off your butt and do the tabatas I can’t do!

5 min warm up. I don’t care what you do just get that blood pumping!

20 seconds busting your tail! Power jacks –

10 seconds rest


I am taking on 3 more clients this month and next month is open, let me know if you are interested.


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