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Shaping Her

Shaping and empowering every woman to be the healthiest sexiest her.

How did today’s workout go? Still crummy here so mine went indoors. I get all antsy this time of year and get grouchy when I can’t get outdoors.

How is eating so far this week? I would like you try an experiment this week. One day this week I would like you to fast. Now this fast has some “rules”. Drink water. No other beverage. Do not eat anything until super time. You then may have an apple and a steak. Seriously. Go ahead and season it and everything. This is a bit of a jump start for your body and will help kick start some weight loss if that is what you are aiming for. But before you get all excited do not do this if #1. You don’t have weight to lose. #2. Are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Let me know what your results are and how you felt!

Tomorrow’s tabata is switch kicks:

5 min warm up – Do not skip your warm ups!

20 seconds push – 10 seconds rest


Cool down stretch
JasmineDo you need a coach to get you ready for summer?


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