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Shaping Her

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Happy Easter all! I hope you all have a great day filled with family, memories, food and fun.

Memory is an important thing. Creating memories and taking time to remember. Easter to me is much like a memorial day. I like to remember to be mindful today. I want to live mindfully and that takes practice.

Tomorrow starts another round of tabatas and this week I really want you to be intentional about things. Be mindful about what is going in to your mouth (and what is coming out!). Be mindful of how you look at, treat and think of your body. Be mindful and present during your actions and even during your exercise.

5 min warm up to whatever is your pump you up go-to Monday song.

20 seconds gang buster – 10 seconds rest of…..

Stance jacks (Thank you Insanity) – I absolutely love these!

Start your Monday off right.

Do a cool down stretch.
Be mindful.




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