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Friday’s are good. We all know that the weekend is right around the corner and to make everything even better… it is a holiday weekend!

Do you look forward to holidays with terror? Does the thought of the food there and what you might do to it, or what it might do to you, scare you? Don’t let it! The holiday should be the day you choose to pick the one thing you just can’t live without. I know that it might be hard to choose but instead of thinking of all the things that you “can’t” have just choose the thing you are always dying to have! Usually there is that one thing that so and so makes that we look forward to every year. Here’s a tip: Don’t waste your fun food on candy! Seriously. Candy is everywhere all the time. And yes, maybe there is “special” Easter candy but come on now, we all know that that is just good marketing! Save your special food for exactly that, a special food. Fill the rest of your plate up with veggies, meat, olive oil dressing, fruits etc.
One last tip. Do not skip a meal just to “save up” for the special meal. This always backfires! Eat normally throughout the day. Trust me. You will feel much better and you will be a lot less prone to pigging out.

Here’s tomorrow’s kickin’ tabata!

5 min warm up

DONKEY KICKS! (Can you tell that I am really excited about this one?)

20 seconds go gang busters! 10 seconds rest.


Cool down stretch.

Have a great Friday everyone!





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