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Shaping Her

Shaping and empowering every woman to be the healthiest sexiest her.

I understand. No, really I do. I keep hearing this excuse. Yes. Excuse. That is really all that it is. I know. You may feel like everyone is on your case all the time about eating healthy and getting exercise and being fit etc. There are magazines and websites and just a general atmosphere of getting and staying “healthy” and fit being paramount and all of that expectation gets heavy. It is not exciting, new or fun. It becomes a chore and who needs another chore?!

How do you fit exercise or eating healthy in to a busy life? You create new habits. When something becomes habit you don’t think about how “hard” it is or how long it takes. It is easy to get overwhelmed and then quit. Eating and exercise routines that are start and stop are not helpful. Consistency is key. Here are some practical steps:

1. Start one meal at a time. Try one new meal and incorporate it in to your weekly (or daily) routine.

2. Find a short but effective workout routine. Change it up frequently so that you don’t become bored.

Do you find that you “don’t have time”?


Need help getting started?


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