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Shaping Her

Shaping and empowering every woman to be the healthiest sexiest her.

I am waiting around for it to snow. No, seriously. I am ready to get out and get back to some cross country skiing and now since it is pretty chilly outside I am starting to move most of my exercise indoors, especially since I can’t haul the mini man around in his Weehoo. So to break things up I have recruited my sister to try out all my exercise routines that I am putting together. For myself I am messing around with some CrossFit. It keeps things fun. It keeps the “mojo” in things. Even us fitness enthusiasts can start to feel the energy draining out of our toes as the cold seeps in and the winter sports have not yet kicked off and there is so much…. CANDY…. speaking of which… keep your hands OUT of the candy jar this weekend! Drink some really good hot chocolate. It is hot so you’ll drink smaller amounts of it. You can even indulge a little bit more by making your own whipped cream! I like to add a little vanilla, cinnamon and or nutmeg to mine and I sweeten it with real maple syrup. Whipped cream also tops of hot apple cider very well. Choose that for your treat this weekend! Keep those hands nice and toasty and occupied so your not double dipping!

Do you have a plan for the weekend? Have you found your “mojo”?



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