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I ran around our local lake today with my brother in law. It is a 16 mile run. It was a blast. But I’m not on here to brag. My bro in law and I always talk when we are out on runs. It makes the time go faster. While running today bro in law said something that got me thinking (and simultaneously talking) about fear. He said wasn’t it great to be out on a long run feeling confident that you were going to finish. There isn’t the newbie fear that maybe you’ll crack or you won’t make it or you might throw up etc. there is just enjoyment and even sometimes a bit of pain. I mean, the hard work doesn’t go away but the fear does.

Fear can seize you up solid. When you are fearful hormones are released in your system that give you that “fight or flight” capability. That means that your muscles tense and your breathing changes. You are ready to charge or run. What that usually means when you are taking off for a race is that your muscles seize solid and/or you run (or cycle) too hard and your burn yourself out in the first chunk. Fear is a powerful thing. And in this circumstance it is completely mental.

Do you get afraid when you are thinking of taking on a big life change? How about when you start a new way of eating? How about a new exercise program? Are you afraid? Afraid of failure? Afraid you won’t make it? Many times your fear is what will stop you from making it, or even worse, it will make it so that you never start at all. Sometimes fear even makes you throw in the towel half way through, as soon as it starts getting tough.

How do you react to your fear? Do you wish you responded differently to challenges in your life?

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