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Shaping Her

Shaping and empowering every woman to be the healthiest sexiest her.

Healthy snacking generally brings to mind whole grain crackers, maybe a Luna bar, juice etc. this may be “healthy” but this is not going to help the waistline! Carbs are meant to fuel your muscles, they are stored away when not used as fat so unless you are planning on being an athlete the likelihood is that you are storing away that “healthy” snack for later!

A good afternoon pick me up (if you must have one) is a meat stick, you know, the packed sticks of meat and the more flavor the better, you are craving texture and flavor so pick garlic or pepper etc.

Here is a good lunch to take with you or even an on the run dinner using your favorite meat choice:

Use salami, pepperoni or any other closely packed meat (meat sticks etc), use a skewer and put a chunk of meat on, then put a small cube of cheese on, next put on a either a pickle chunk or an olive, next put on a carrot or bell pepper, whatever you would like and start over. Make up 2 skewers and take them with you (or eat them at home!).


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