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There you have it. The title says it all. Don’t skip the afternoon snack.

There  is no reason to have a morning snack in my opinion. Just a bunch a calorie trap that you don’t need. If you eat a healthy breakfast then you do not need to eat again until lunch. The afternoon is different though. Usually there is a much larger time spread and almost everyone has an afternoon “crash” of some kind. This is when a pick me up is needed. You need a bit of energy and you need to make it to dinner without being completely starving. Why? Because dinner will then trigger a hunger onslaught and not only will you over eat at dinner but then you will continue to snack afterwards. Why? Not really sure but I am sure there are plenty of websites out there that have some sort of evidence for and then against what I just said but I do know from experience.

Keep in on the smallish side. Stick with nuts and fruit or maybe veggies and a bit of dip or a bar of some kind or even some granola. Remember. This isn’t a meal. This is a snack. Snacks aren’t supposed to give you that “I am full” feeling! It is a s n a c k.


Coffee lover? You will be!


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